What is Intestinal Adhesions?

According to Niddk.nih.gov Intestinal adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that form like scar tissue after surgery. They can be problematic when they lead to condition like intestinal obstruction. This occurs when the adhesions connect the intestines to each other or to other organs.

They occur more often after procedures on the appendix, colon, or uterus than after surgery on the gall bladder, stomach, or pancreas. The more time that passes after surgery, the higher your chances of developing adhesions. They may also occur as the result of a congenital condition.

Symptoms of Intestinal Adhesions

Many adhesions are asymptomatic. Those that lead to an obstruction may cause you to feel:

If you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, seeking medical treatment can help ease your discomfort and reduce the risk of possible complications. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Tabib, contact us today.

Adhesion Diagnosis

Detecting obstructions in the digestive tract can be accomplished using X-rays or barium contrast studies. Exploratory surgery may be necessary in some cases.

Treatment of Intestinal Adhesions Los Angeles

Treatment is usually only needed if there is an obstruction and will depend on the degree of the obstruction. A partial block may be relieved by switching to a diet low in fiber, called a low-residue diet, which allows food to move more easily through the affected area. Surgery can also be helpful for removing the adhesions and placing the intestines in the proper position. However, the risk of developing more adhesions increases with each additional surgery.

Prevent Intestinal Adhesion

Laparoscopic surgical methods can help you avoid developing adhesions in the first place. Special biodegradable membranes can also be used to keep your organs from becoming entangled.

Today, gastroenterology conditions can be treated effectively. if diagnosed early with a colonscopy, these cancers can be cured with excellent outcomes. We provide everyone a personalized gastroenterology treatment plan to meet your unique needs and improve your quality of life. Contact our gastroenterology and hepatology center to schedule a consolation with Los Angeles’ preferred Gastroenterologist– Dr. Tabib.

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