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Question: Why is a Colonoscopy Important?

Answer: Polyps can be found in patients over 40 years old in about 50 percent of this adult group. It is important to have this test performed to locate and remove polyps at their earliest notice of precancerous cells found in polyps, because they are curable at a 90 percent success rate.

Question: Is it Common to Find Cancerous Polyps in a Colonoscopy?

Answer: It is very rare to discover cancer in polyps from a colonoscopy. There are times when microscopic cancer cells exist, but they are very small. The goal is to identify and remove any polyps from the colon that have the potential to become cancerous.

Question: Are There Risks of Undergoing a Colonoscopy?

Answer: A colonoscopy is a very safe procedure. However, with any procedure there are risks involved when it comes to using anesthesia, but sedation is monitored very closely by the doctor and his team to reduce the complication risks to patients.

Question: How Often Should I Get a Colonoscopy?

Answer: It is recommended that everyone visit a doctor for a colonoscopy starting at the ages between 45 and 50 years old. In general, physicians recommend that patients receive a colonoscopy every five years once the doctor agrees to perform the test, and even more frequently for patients whose family history includes colon cancer that should be checked every three to five years.

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