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Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

Orbera Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss program that will help you shed those unwanted pounds. Orbera is a new FDA approved two step weight loss system that starts by placing a gastric balloon inside your stomach to encouraged portion control when eating. The second part is the one year coaching program to support you in keeping the weight off.

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Is Orbera Right for me?

Having a hard time controlling what you eat? Are you looking for an effective weight loss program that will help you shed the weight off? With the Orbera Gastric Balloon, patients lose the extra weight off for the first few months. It also encourages a healthier lifestyle change when it comes to eating habits. The next step is working with a coach to help you continue making the right choices and better habits.

Benefits of Orbera


Non- surgical (No recovery time period)


It is FDA approved! (It is safe! Consultation with your doctor is still required)


Affordable Options


Weight loss in just a short period of time (First few months)


Healthy lifestyle change.

Angela lost 48 pounds.*
And feels better than ever!

ORBERA™ gave Angela the jumpstart she was looking for. Even after the weight loss balloon was removed, Angela continues to lose weight.


Find out if is right ORBERA™ for you