The Difference in Gastric Balloons for Weight Loss Treatment


Orbera and ReShape gastric balloon procedures are effective weight loss programs designed to help patients lose weight and keep the weight off by living a healthier lifestyle. Both of these procedures are non-surgical and offer very similar results in weight loss, but are there any differences?


Dr. Tabib performs gastric balloon procedures with both of these weight loss treatments and can testify to their individual successes, however taking a look at the details as well as giving them a side by side overview may help you in deciding your choice in program. Results also depend on the individual’s weight and the lifestyle choices in their diet and exercise. If you are someone looking to change in how you live, a gastric balloon procedure can be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

Before understanding the difference in types of gastric balloons, learning about the procedure itself is crucial information. The gastric balloon or endoscopic intragastric balloon procedure places a silicone balloon inside the stomach for 6 months as a way to prevent room for food. This outpatient procedure is performed by a highly trained and experienced physician and lasts roughly 20 minutes. The patient is first sedated to ensure maximum comfort by a light anesthesia and an endoscope is then used to insert a deflated balloon through the mouth, down the esophagus, and to the stomach where it is expanded. The expanded balloon causes patients to have feeling of fullness which will then allow them to experience proper portion control and simultaneously lose weight. The amount of weight loss from the procedure varies from person to person, on majority of occasions one-third of excess weight is lost in the first 6 months and after those months it is deflated and removed. In many cases, gastric balloon procedures can also bring a variety of health benefits such as improving diabetes, cardiac issues, and joint/bone health.

What are the Similarities Between Orbera and ReShape?

Beside the very basic benefits of the gastric balloon procedure, which is a nonsurgical weight loss treatment, there are other comparable similarities between both programs. One of the many perks to choosing either of these gastric procedures over traditional weight loss procedures are their personal aftercare. These 12-month aftercare programs provided to patients help ensure that weight loss and healthy living are maintained. Both programs give a comprehensive guide and personalized coaching to assist patients in adjusting into their new and improved lifestyles. Both procedures are also required for patients to be within 30 to 40 BMI range before they begin the process.


What are the Differences Between Orbera and ReShape?

While both of these procedures have great levels of weight loss success and are created with the same mission in mind, the technicalities are really what makes the difference. Orbera is an FDA approved system that has been helping patients for 20 years. According to Orbera, it has helped over 220,000 people worldwide. The procedure follows the basic idea of the gastric balloon, a single balloon that can hold 55cc in volume takes shape in the stomach to assist patients in weight loss and healthy living. It’s extensive success stories and history demonstrate a tried and true gastric balloon procedure.


ReShape takes the classic gastric balloon procedure and adds another level of intricacies with its dual balloon design. Each balloon is filled with 450cc of fluid and has the potential to assure greater weight loss. It’s two balloon design also positions to the natural shape of the stomach and because they are individually sealed if one were to deflate the other would still stay intact. ReShape has been said to be revolutionizing the gastric balloon industry because of its new design and its great success also speaks volumes.


The differences between these two procedures can mean a great deal to how you envision your weight loss treatment. Perhaps you gravitate more towards Orbera’s long history of success or want to undergo the newest methods of weight loss with ReShape. Discussing the best options for you with a specialist is the first real step to take in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.


Discuss the Benefits with Dr. Tabib

Whether you’re still having trouble deciding which gastric balloon procedure is right for you or if either are right for you at all take some time to think about their benefits. The non-surgical element to both Orbera and ReShape provides patients with the ability to change their lives without the risk and body altering effects of surgery. The after-care programs also provide a way to ensure that the weight loss is maintained by guiding patients to live a healthy lifestyle. Orbera is well tested with history of success and ReShape is a new redesign of the procedure. Both have their mutual and exclusive merits and discussing those benefits with a certified physician such as Dr. Tabib will help make the decision much easier and put you on the fast track to weight loss and healthy living.


To learn more about the gastric balloon procedure visit our websites dedicated to Orbera and ReShape and make a consultation with Dr.Tabib today.